Investment strategies

AT Novum Asset Management Ltd. you can choose from five different strategies in CHF, USD, EUR and GBP.

The Investment Management Agreement provides the basis of the “Discretionary” mandate. This gives us the right and the obligation to implement a tailor made and settled investment strategy. This requires a comprehensive assessment of your financial needs. Therefore issues, such as for example the required investment horizon, future cash flows and capital needs will be analyzed and discussed with you. The goal is to define an investment strategy that suits your individual needs.

Our strategies range from fixed income (0% equity ratio) to yield (20% equity ratio), balanced (40% equity ratio), growth (60% equity ratio) to equity (100% equity ratio). According to your individual investment strategy, certain minimum investment periods are necessary. The periods range from approx. two years for fixed income mandates to at least six years for pure equity mandates.

For assets between EUR 200,000 and 500,000, we offer the possibility to participate in one of our collective investments schemes strategy, which is at a very cost-effective approach.

Transparency and security are important to us. Therefore, we will inform you regularly in the desired time intervals about the developments of your assets. Ongoing checks and adjustments to the current market conditions are as self-evident for us as the regular inspection of the results.