Asset consultancy

Novum Asset Management Ltd. focuses on sophisticated and ambitious private clients. To offer a honest and reasonable cost income ratio we accept deposit starting at EUR 200,000.-. Thereby we walk side by side with you and provide guidance for personal finance related quests.

We take every inquiry seriously and work on it with the highest due diligence and responsibility. We always pursue an advisory service that includes all important aspects for you. Therefor we work continuously on a personal relationship with you. Trust is good – control is better. For that reason it is important to us that you are are aware of your financial position and that you have the possibility to compare performance and balance sheets at any time. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Our position as an independent asset manager allows us to develop the most optimal investment strategies for you on a neutral basis. In order to offer you exclusive services on an international level, we work together with experienced external specialists all over the world. This allows us to provide comprehensive and hollistic advice also for legal, tax and estate planning related matters.